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no credit check

No Credit Check – Is that possible?

Is it possible to get a no credit check loan? Well it is very unlikely that any reputable lender would loan you the money without doing a credit check or obtaining your bank statements. In fact it is a requirement that lenders make sure the loan is suitable and that you are able to pay…
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Centrelink loan

Can you get a loan when you are on Centrelink?

This is always a big question from our users and luckily it’s one that has a positive answer. People that are receieving centrelink benefits have a number of options for receiving cash loans. It will of course depend on your entire situation, but generally if you are also working at least part time and centrelink…
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bad credit loans

How to get a loan even with Bad Credit

It’s not always easy to get a loan when you have bad credit on your record. Whether it’s just a missed bill or a previous bankruptcy. We can look for lenders that can still help. It will help if you have security, like a car or a motorbike, caravan or jetski. Maybe you have someone…
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